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Trapped in a blood-soaked basement, the only way to survive is to hide when the Ripper lurks.

Time: 60 minutes

Price: $35 per player

Group Size: 3 - 6 players *

* Ripper may be played with a group of 2, but a minimum of 3 tickets must be purchased.

All games are private.

This is a horror-themed game.

It is intended to be scary!

Designed as a haunted attraction / escape room hybrid, Ripper is an intense hide & seek game for survival.

For those looking for a more traditional or relaxed experience,

we do offer a Non-Scare option. 


Ripper Comparison Chart

All versions include violence, blood & gore, live actors, tight spaces, dim lights, dark rooms, and strobe lights.

R-rated Options

Recommended age 17+

These versions include adult language and adult content.


Find clues and solve puzzles in this intense horror-filled game of hide & seek.

Super Scary

For those looking for an even more thrilling experience, this version has fewer hiding places, more intense scares, louder music, and moments of complete darkness (flashlights only).

PG-13 Options

Recommended age 13+

The adult language and adult content features are removed from these versions.


Find clues and solve puzzles in this intense horror-filled game of hide & seek.


This version is designed for those looking for a more traditional or relaxed escape room experience. The high-intensity moments, hide & seek features, and jump scares are removed from this version.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we really locked in a room?

No. While there are locked doors throughout the game, the main entrance door to the game will always remain unlocked in case of an emergency.

Is the game really that scary?

Scary is a subjective term. What might be terrifying for one person might not be so scary for someone else. Please consider your own tolerance level for horror when making reservations.

We also offer a Non-Scare PG-13 version of the game for those who do not like being scared at all, and wish to focus on the puzzles.

Will the actors touch me?

Due to the nature of improv, the actors may gently touch or bump into you for role-playing purposes, but never in any aggressive or inappropriate manner. In most cases, we follow the rule of "do not touch the actors, and they will not touch you."

Does the game have a time limit?

Unlike other escape games, Ripper has no hard time limit. The game has been designed as a 60 minute experience, but we will not kick your group out once an hour has passed. Players will be allowed more time to complete the game within reason. If we see that a group is struggling, we will freely provide hints and nudges in the right direction to keep the pace of the game on track. Experienced or veteran escape room players may even finish early.

How difficult is the game?

Ripper is designed as an immersive experience. The puzzles are more logic based and task oriented. There are no crazy math problems, obscure riddles, or anything that requires outside knowledge. Every clue you need to solve a puzzle can be found through basic awareness and observation.

Do you offer hints during the game?

The game does have an integrated hint system. There are unlimited hints, and there are no penalties for using them.

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