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Experience a unique twist on Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem,

"The Raven."

Help a restless spirit reunite with the lost soul of his beloved in this mysterious escape room.

Time: 60 minutes

Price: $35 per player

Group Size: 3 - 6 players *

* Nevermore may be played with a group of 2, but a minimum of 3 tickets must be purchased.

All games are private.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we really locked in a room?

No. There are other locked doors throughout the game, but the main entrance will always remain unlocked for safety.

Is the game scary?

Nevermore maintains a somber and spooky atmosphere throughout the experience due to theatrical lights and sound, but the game is NOT intended to be scary. There are no jump scares, no blood or gore, and no adult material. This is a family-friendly game.

There will be moments of interaction with a live character during the game that might be unsettling for younger players, but the actor will never touch or grab anyone.

Is there a time limit?

Unlike other escape games, Nevermore has no hard time limit. The game has been designed as a 60 minute experience, but we will not kick your group out once an hour has passed. Players will be allowed more time to complete the game within reason. If we see that a group is struggling, we will freely provide hints and nudges in the right direction to keep the pace of the game on track. Experienced or veteran escape room players may even finish early.

How difficult are the puzzles?

Nevermore is designed as an immersive experience. The puzzles are more logic based and task oriented. There are no crazy math problems, obscure riddles, or anything that requires outside knowledge. Every clue you need to solve a puzzle can be found through basic awareness and observation.

Does the game offer hints?

If you feel stuck and need help, there are unlimited hints, and you are not penalized for using them.

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