Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile escape game?

A mobile escape game is a smaller and shorter version of what you might find in a standard brick-and-mortar escape room. We pack up all of our sets, props, and decor, and travel to your party location. We setup a themed game inside a 10'x10' commercial grade canopy tent, and our guests play through a scenario solving puzzles and interacting with story elements.

An escape room under a tent? That sounds kind of cheesy. How good can it really be?

We asked the same thing when we first started designing our games. We ran a family-based home haunt for 20 years, so we have a particularly keen eye for set design, lighting, and sound. The focus of our games in on immersion and atmosphere. We have custom digital photos printed onto large banners we use to simulate the textured walls inside of the blacked-out tent. Then we set the stage with proper lighting, sound, and homemade custom props. Check out the teaser photos under the game description on the main page to see how awesome mobile games can be.

What makes Nocturne different from other escape rooms?

As escape room enthusiasts, we've played dozens of games in different places, and the one thing they almost all have in common is the time limit. We are experienced, but there have been plenty of games that we have "failed" to complete within the time limit. There is nothing more frustrating than working on the last puzzle only to have the clock expire and the game master kick you out. That would be like going to the movies and having the projector shut off before the end of the film. Your experience feels incomplete.


Our goal is to have a 100% completion rate for all our games. We focus on immersion and experience instead of competitive leaderboards. We want all of our guests to leave the game feeling excited and accomplished, not frustrated.

With that said, our mobile games have no set time limit (within reason). We design the story elements and puzzles to have a natural flow to them. The experience of our mobile games is roughly 30 minutes long. If we see a group struggling, we will help them along to make sure they complete the game even if they take a little bit longer. The whole point is we want our guests to have fun!

Are the games scary?

"Scary" is such a subjective term. What might be terrifying for one person might be super tame for someone else. Some of our games are more intense than others and include jump scares. Our themes embrace a dark and spooky atmosphere, but not all of our games are intended to be "scary." Please see the individual game descriptions for information about each one.

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