Night-themed escape room adventures that come to you from Hickory, NC.

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Indicative of the night, Nocturne Adventures offers immersive mobile escape game experiences. Our unique themes provide a distinct and unforgettable ambiance. Unlike other escape rooms, our games aren't about a race against the clock. Instead, they focus on atmosphere, and ensure that every adventure ends in success.


We invite you on a thrilling adventure to explore the mysteries of the night.


Welcome to Nocturne Adventures.

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Our home office is located in Hickory, NC. We bring the escape room adventures to your party!

Wolf Moon Cabin

Lost in the woods while hiking, you and your friends stumble upon an uninviting cabin. A blood moon rises, and you hear an unsettling howl in the distance. Left with no choice but to seek shelter for the night, you reluctantly enter the cabin. Surely the stories about a werewolf in the woods are all just rumors... right?

Game Info

Game Type : Mobile

Game Time : 15 - 20 mins

Players : 2 - 4

Features :

  • Dim Lighting

  • Creepy Sounds

  • Mild Gore

  • Jump Scares


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